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Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for collagen-based protein supplements to get the most out of your workout or you want non-GMO health supplements to add to your healthy, proactive lifestyle, Protein Essentials is your one-stop shop. We specialize in grass-fed organic-rich supplements featuring Peptan® hydrolyzed collagen peptides from pasture-raised South American cattle. These collagen peptides help the body easily absorb all of the supplement’s nutrients to lubricate joints, build muscle and connective tissue, improve digestion, smooth skin, thicken bones and so much more. Choose from our range of powders designed for athletes and people wanting to improve their diets, joints, skin, nails and musculoskeletal systems. We even have a supplement for your pets! We’re confident their great taste and gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO makeup will have you adding them to every meal! Enjoy free shipping at $40 and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about our products. Start living healthy with!

Customer Testimonials

***** 5 stars Gelatin I have used a lot of different brands of gelatin, and I just switched over to this brand permanently. It is by far the best quality I have tried (including Great Lakes and Vital Proteins) and mixes in with my breakfast.

Alison B, 12/4/2016

***** 5 Stars Hydrolyzed Collagen Easy Source of Protein. Stirs into hot and cold drinks easily. Easy way to boost protein intake on a daily basis. Just like their Perform 100, I find that taking this product seems to help with some recurrent knee pain I have from playing football when I was younger. I take up to four servings a day and I haven't had any kind of stomach trouble from the product. Would recommend to anyone.

Collin S, Geneva, IL

***** 5 Stars Hydrolyzed Collagen.This is the most incredible stuff. I have a lot of different sensitivities with food and so have spent many years finding the foods that work for me, and this does. It helps my energy stabilize and has even increased my energy level. I cannot tolerate whey protein, so was recommended this product by a nutritionist, and I am so happy that she told me about it. Not only is it great in itself, and does everything that it says that it does on the packet, it is also incredible value for money!

Helen O, July 9, 2016